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What's your opinion on women posting nudes?


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In a nutshell, I don't think women should post nudes. Many women have, and lived to regret it. Please see my post at:

That was a good question, though. Thank you for asking it. :)


Hannah Grace
hey girl,
my opinion on this is that you should save your body until marriage. it can be so special between you and your future spouse. many women and girls have sent nudes and do not know where they are going or where they could go... it is all up to you and what you prefer I believe when you are in a relationship that is serious then you do you, the internet can be a deceitful and scary place, on the other hand if you are just talking maybe wait. best of luck to you. :) this is all totally just my opinion and thoughts it all depends on you and your significant other or who you are talking to as well.


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This is their decision and their body, so I find it normal. I know that I couldn't post my nude photos but not because I'm against it, because I'm shy.


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How can this be treated? Everyone has the right to do whatever they want with their body. Every woman has the right to post her nude photos if she wants to. Many make a living this way. I respect any profession.
Moreover, I really enjoy watching livestream porn. I love looking at beautiful naked girls. In this way, the girls also show their naked bodies. No one should be judged harshly. Maybe this is the only way out for some, but it's just entertainment for others.
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