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Vaginal help, yeast/BV??


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Hi girls,

First time poster! Just wanted any opinion on girls that have had yeast infections or BV to see what were your symptoms/colouring of discharge before going to the doctor because all I know is that it could just be “normal discharge”.

My discharge is daily (never remember it being this bad 1-2 years ago) always seems to have a slight green tinge and can range from being watery to quite clumpy when on my underwear with a minimal smell to it. I have been in a sexually active relationship for 3 years. My vagina isn’t itchy or sting etc but does have a slight smell to it.
Does this sound like yeast or BV to anyone? May be TMI but I can post a picture of it just to give more of an idea because I defiantly don’t want to go to a doctors if it isn’t an infection.

Thank you!!


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Hi, Carlie. Welcome to Girls Forum. :)

I had daily discharge for a time (which I thought was "normal discharge", too) and when I went to my gynecologist (for a regular checkup), he gave me a prescription.
But I understand why you wouldn't want to see a doctor if you don't need to.

www . healthline.com/health/bacterial-vaginosis-vs-yeast-infection#symptoms
discharge from a yeast infection usually has a thick, white consistency and doesn’t have a scent
discharge from bacterial vaginosis (BV) is thin, yellow or green, and carries a strong unpleasant odor.

It's hard to say which you have. Your discharge has a slight green tinge to it (so it doesn't sound like a yeast infection - which is white) but it only has a slight smell to it (and BV has a strong odor).
As it can be clumpy/thick, it might be a yeast infection (and we can get over-the-counter medications to get rid of it).

Then if you still have discharge, you might have BV (which would explain why your discharge has a slight green tinge to it) and hopefully your doctor can prescribe some medication for you.

You don't need to post a picture for me. But thank you for offering, anyway.

Let's hope it's just a yeast infection that can be cleared up with something you can find in a drugstore/pharmacy. :)