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Thinking about Spring clothes


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Wow, lucky you! I love this style of dresses but I am much shorter, so not my case. I do love the color of the dress! You can add some French chic to the outfit with the right accessories. Love the beige heels offered above. I would also do brighter makeup, the accent may be on lips if you wear red lipstick (love the combo of navy clothes and red lipstick :) ). To make it look less pretentious you can add modern sunglasses, it will make the look overall less effortless for street, and you can always take them off when you are in the office. Hope it helped! :)



I really love the dress, it's so pretty and elegant. I love that it matches your eyes, what a nice bonus! Nude heels would be just as good as matching blue in my opinion, but if you don't mind thrift shops they often have some nice shoes and decent selection of colors. I do a lot of clothes shopping at thrift stores and those places can be a real treasure trove.


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Well I just found the perfect shoes to go with that blue shirtwaist dress I bought in the spring. I knew it was going to be a struggle to match the blue but I finally did it. Love the shoes. What do you girls think 1823


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I like the hearts on the heels - it's a nice touch. But the heels are too narrow and too tall for me. I'm always afraid I'm gonna twist my ankle. :D
The height of the heel causes our foot to be unnaturally "distorted". And I prefer my weight to be on something a little wider.


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I certainly understand Christine. Some girls are more comfortable in them than others. I have a long foot so that makes it easier for me to wear a tall heel. Of course I look like an Amazon woman but I really don't care.


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Yes, even I agree. It seems to be perfect outfit only with suitable footwear and stylish fashion accessories like earrings and bracelet. Silver stone jewelry perfectly suits for this outfit.


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I recently started to find many different fanny packs and I was wondering if these packs will be trending this year? I want to buy one. I like that there are many different models on the Internet and I can choose the pack in any style. I often wear dresses and skirts, so I wonder how well the fanny pack will go with my clothes?
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