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Should I ask my crush to sign my shirt on my last day of school?


New Member
I have this huge crush on this boy.Let's call him Ayl. I've liked Ayl for the past two years, and he just makes me feel different compared to all my other crushes.It's obviously not love since I don't know him but it just FEELS different you know? The thing is that we don't know each other personally and I'm too scared to talk to Ayl because last year everyone in my grade (including him) knew about my crush on him; including the lovey-dovey things I would say about him. I also never talked to him because he's a 100/10 and I'm meh. Either way this year is my last year in the school I'm currently attending because I am moving schools; which means I'll no longer be able to see Ayl :/ So I was thinking about asking him to sign my shirt on my last day of school (which is this Friday), I'll ask him to sign my shirt as a way to remember him. I was even thinking of getting him to write "Roho Yangu" on my shirt which translates into my soul in my native language but he doesn't know that ;). Is it too much? Will it weird him out? Should I even bother?