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Physically attracted to super-gorgeous guy at college


New Member
There is a guy in my college class who I have been checking out quite a lot ever since we started last week, and I have always found him extremely good-looking.
I would like to have some form of hook-up with him, perhaps even regularly if it ends up that way (I certainly wouldn't mind), but I am not sure how to go about it;
I do want to make it clear to him that I would like to have som fun with him, but I also want to avoid coming off as "loose" or anything like that, and I am not sure how to do that.
Also, he gets hit on by other girls constantly;
there are always some girls who stand around him and flirt and giggle and try to find excuses to make physical contact with him, so it is hard to get some time to talk to him.
Do you know any good ways to get an opportunity to talk to him and "get to the point" fairly quickly, but also without coming off as loose?