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Favorite scary movie??

Which one do you like??

I'd like to gain weight

I'm sorry if this is weird for anyone - it's a weird topic
I've always been thin, I'm 19, and I'd like to gain weight, like fat. About 20-30 pounds by the end of the year.
I don't have a lot of money to spend on food, so how can I gain weight without eating too much extra? How can I slow my metabolism?

skin care routine

Hi guys,

so i have been looking for a new skin care routine to use in the evening just after i have taken off my makeup but have no clue where to start. i was wondering if u guys could share urs with me along with some tips too. thank you!!!

Washing Hair on Your Head

How Long Do You Go Without Washing The Hair on Your Head ? I wash my hair everyday during my morning bath. many of my friends only wash the hair on their head once or twice a week and say is unhealthy to do every day as dries natural oils you need in the hair on your head.

Do you shave your legs girls?

I been noticing that a lot of girls at the gym seem to have given up shaving their legs. I'm not talking about peach fuzz because some are hairy enough to be seen across the room. I can't imagine neglecting this important element of feminine hygiene. And what must men think? Of course if they were wearing yoga pants or sweat pants you couldn't tell. But these girls are all in shorts.

Worried I will never be happy

I hate my face as I think I look male when I’m female . I only fancy men always have . No one is taking me serious . Also I’m very depressed and unhappy in life right now as I’m single and I haven’t had a relationship for along time I don’t know why as I have always wanted someone I guess it’s becuse I haven’t met anyone in along time I hope it changes as I don’t want to be forever alone as I’m in my 40s now hard to believe I know I wish I was younger I’m worried about the menopause . As I...

My boyfriend got angry because I bought clothes with money he earned

So, on the past days my boyfriend got some money from the casino and he decided to split that money between he and I.
We have a trip coming and I told him I needed new clothing and that I was planning to spend that money on clothes, doing my nails or hair and he said this was ok.
I went on to buy the clothes without telling him and I lied to him telling him that I was in the gym, after I finished the shopping, I went home and told him I had bought some clothing because I got an inspiration I...
Lost child

What is worst?

What is worst? Being with someone you love, but doesn't love you back, OR being with someone who loves you, but you don't love him?

Add to Your Accessories!

Are you a fan of accessories and want to add to the collection that you already have?
There is a perfect piece out there waiting. Chockers are so in right now. They complete your entire look by adding some edge and having you right on trend.
Just check it out and let me know what you think ladies.

Urgent makeup advice!!

Hey girls!
I have never applied makeup before and I’m learning how to now.
Is this okay?

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