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Thinking about Spring clothes

And I have my eye on this blue shirtwaist dress. It is the color of my eyes and I like the comfortable looking cut. What do you think my chances would be to find matching heels? Navy would not do- this is sort of an indigo. Could of course wear nude or even black heels- but matching would be perfect. Any suggestions girls?

Removing My Dark Circles

I have been using glasses for a long time now. I have very bad dark circles because of that. I switched to contact lenses a few months back. But I can't get rid of the dark circles.

Get rid of Pimple

I have pimples on my face. I just want to get rid of this problem. Please suggest me some products that are good enough to treat pimples and I hope this product does not let the problem again hit on my skin?

Whats your dress size?

The New York Times today reported that the average woman's dress size in the US today is 16-20. As a Missus size 16, that makes me feel really good after years of admiring the size o's and 2's. That's probably correct because whenever I look for a dress in my size there are usually plenty on the rack. So how about you girls?

Puffy Eyes

What can be done in order to get rid off puffy eyes?

Padded Bras

Hi ladies. In the past I have gotten good feedback from you, so here I am again. My daughter is 14 and will be entering high school in the fall. She is not as developed as many of her girl friends and is becoming self conscious of that. I am debating whether I should start buying her padded bras, for a time, to at least bring her to a B cup. One of my sisters says sure while my other sister says no. Any feelings either way. Charlene

Are Korean skincare products better?

Hi all. I was wondering if Korean skincare products are as good as many of my friends say. What do you think?

How Does My Dress Look?

any thoughts and comments?

Apparel Sharing

Has any mother / daughter experienced anything like the following. My daughter and I will be attending a wedding soon. She is thinking of wearing a strapless dress but she knows she will have to buy a new strapless bra in order to wear with the dress. No, she will not go braless! Wanting to save her some bucks, I offered her to select one of my strapless bras to wear. She said sure, why not. We are the same size. I am considering this a unique mother/daughter bonding experience. I am...

I feel so ugly!

So I think I am very ugly and unattractive, deep down I know pretty doesn’t really have a complete cookie cutter idea but I can’t help feeling disgusting.
Are there any tips you could give on making myself more pretty but also just feeling more confident in my own skin!

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