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How common is breast cancer in teenagers?

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I'm really really worried I'll get breast cancer because my mum had breast cancer when she was 43, but I'm only a teenager and I've heard it's very rare in teenagers? Is that true?

And also, how big is a breat cancer lump going to be because I'm worried I'll miss it and it'll be too late?
First of all breast cancer in your teens is extremely rare. I'm sorry to read about your mum getting it, but it really doesn't mean to say that you will. If several members of your family have had particular types of cancer, you may have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. My advice is to talk to your GP about your concerns, and to reguarly check your breasts yourself. A few days after your period is the best time as your breast won't be as tender. If you feel something that you don't believe was there the last time you checked, then talk to your GP and they will check it out.

I hope my advice helps, and please do talk to your GP as they are the best people to advise you.

Lisa x


Great advice, MysticCharm. I couldn't have put it better myself!

luvlyimixx, its important to know that there are certain factors that make some women more likely to get breast cancer:

*Family history - if your mother, sister, aunt, or daughter has had breast cancer is more likely to get breast cancer.
*Age: As you get older, you are more at risk. Teens - as well as women in their twenties and thirties - are less likely to get breast cancer.
*Diet and lifestyle: Women who smoke, eat high-fat diets, drink alcohol, and don't exercise enough may be more at risk for developing breast cancer.

Also, remember that most breast lumps are not cancer, but all lumps should be checked out by a doctor to be sure.

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dont worry dear

breast cancer very very rare in your age
& breast cancer can be cure completely specially if discover early


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Breast cancer occurs when breast cells become abnormal and divide without control or order. Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among in women.
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