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Gynecological Exam


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i have a question to the girls. In which age did you get your first pelvic or gynecological examination? Whas it performed by a female or a male doctor and what did they did? How often do you have this kind of exams and how old are you?

Some days ago I spoke to a friend from another town and she told me, that she never had seen a doctor for such an exam.

Thank you for your answers :)


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Why do you want to know what age we are now? (I'm just curious is not an acceptable answer. :D)

I was a teenager when I had my first pelvic exam (but usually they're done every few years, as an adult, unless you are experiencing pain, unusual discharge, etc.) Unfortunately, I didn't have a woman doctor - I would have felt a little more comfortable having a woman doctor.

During a pelvic exam, the doctor checks your reproductive organs (to see if there are any abnormalities, such as uterine fibroids) and usually does a pap smear.