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Future Plans for GirlsForum


Hi Girls,

I just wanted to list out a few features and modules I would be adding to GirlsForum. I wanted your feedback on these, incase you want to add/remove anything from this list. Also, feel free to list any other feature you want.... I will make sure it is implemented asap.

1- Video gallery
2- Photo gallery ( add-on, and not the default one give here )
3- Chat (we already have it....but will implement it in a better way )
4- Point system (to generate more interest )
5- Arcade

-- the above features are not exclusive, and are found on other sits as well... Here are some 'custom' modules I propose -

6- Article section
7- Hot or Not section
8- User Review section
9- Que- Ans section
10- Debate Section ( already proposed by members , under development)

11- Auction house / marketplace
12- Freebies Giveaway ( sponsors giving away free stuff )
13- Quiz Section ( already proposed by members)
14- Quick PM system

15- Custom Profile Page /w portfolio section

What else ?... There are tons of good things we can (and should) add to GirlsForum. So, put together a great list..


Maybe adding Art Section.Where users can post images done by them.A lot of girls here are interested in Drawings,Sketching,Programs like Photoshop,paint ,etc.I think it will be a great idea! :)
How about a weight management, wellbeing, fitness type of section? I used to work in a weight loss clinic and I've had a few girls... I wont mention any names... Ask me about losing weight. Maybe that could be handy?


I suppose we can have an 'Expert Advice' system, where members can post their queries. Other members can post their suggestions and advices , and the concerned members can then choose the best answer amongst them.

In this section, we can have many categories, including fitness ...

I will try to get it done within a week.

Also, how about a virtual point system, where users are rewarded with points for their activity over the forum. It will be like a virtual currency system. Later on, we can find ways for our members to redeem these points.

Just a thought..

Let me know,

In 'Expert Advice' system,will there be a poll.Like--A user posted a question.4 users answered them.Then the users will vote which is the best answer? (Like in Yahoo!Answers)

I like the point system.We could use to unlock features in GF? Like there would be some special area that needs certain ammounts of points...? How about that? Dunno,I am just giving some idea.


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I would love it if the owner could visit this forum at least once a month, to read our suggestions and feedback.