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Everyone Should Commit To A Vegan-Organic Diet


A vegan diet means that you don't eat any animal products. You don't touch meat, milk, eggs, honey, cheese, or any other dairy. Switching to a vegan diet may seem restrictive but in fact, a vegan diet is most liberating once you're over the poison (the meat and dairy).

An organic diet means that you only consume foods that have been certified organic by the U.S.D.A. or other reputable organic agriculture firm. What makes organic food different from conventional food? Conventional foods are most generally certain to have been chemically farmed and doused with a number of environmentally toxic pesticides, which not only is devastating to nature and life, but may also harm your own health. Organic foods have had their production inspected against the vast majority of chemical farming substances, among other things.

A vegan-organic diet is both of these diets combined -- quite simply, it means you are a vegan who only eats organic foods.

This is the diet to which I have committed myself for about a year, now, and I've never felt better, health-wise and spiritually. I admonish all my friends to follow this diet. I think the world would be a better place if everyone followed this sustainable and healthy diet.


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You cannot argue that this type of diet is suitable for everyone because there are people who need to eat animal products. Protein, which is found in greens or legumes, is not enough for them. However, meat-eaters should be aware that they risk gaining weight with the frequent use of thermally processed meat. I eat meat several times a week, and only following certain rules helps me stay in shape at any time of the year. I never eat meat products less than 4 hours before bed. It's unlikely that I will ever become a vegan.
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