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Does he like me?


New Member
There's this boy that I know... I met him about a year ago at a monthly music event, but we never really talked. Over the summer, we were at the same camp. We played games together with other people in the pool and were talking. Whenever I quit the game, he would too. One time, his older sister came up to him and asked if he had a crush on a certain girl (not me). He said no. Then she asked if he had a crush on me. He splashed her and walked away, not responding. She kept saying "ooh, he has a crush!"
When I asked what it was all about, he explained and made a point of telling me that he hadn't said no to her. He always laughed at my jokes and hung around with me when we were in the pool, but we didn't really interact the rest of the time. Except, when we were all playing gaga, he came over and stood next to me and was talking and joking with me.
He's naturally a nice/joking person, so I'm confused.. does he like me? Or just as a friend?
I really like him alot, but there's another issue too... he lives in the same state, but hours away, so I only see him once a month at the music event, although it hasn't started yet so I have seen him since August. I do like him as a friend also, and if I tell him that I like him but he doesn't like me, it'll be awkward and I feel like our friendship will end.
Does he like me?
(also a side note, he's 2 years older than me, is that too old?)