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Do you like online shopping for clothes?


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Do any of you enjoy online shopping for clothes? Or do you return most of what you buy?
I know in places like Hong Kong, return policies don't really exist so online shopping isn't popular.

What tips do you have? What else do you buy online or will never buy online?


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I enjoy it but it's more of a hassle if I need to return something. And crowds in the stores don't bother me as long as I have elbow room.

I like going with a friend and we can make an outing out of it: shop for awhile, get some lunch and rest our feet, then shop some more.

I get my Christmas/birthday/"just because I like you" shopping done throughout the year. Whenever I see something, I buy it straight away.
I make sure I finish my Christmas shopping by the beginning of November. Then I can relax and enjoy the Christmas decorations in the stores.

I like buying ebooks, evideos, music online. I don't think I'd buy shoes because I'd need to try them on first.


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Yes I always ready for online shopping because its gives me more features like:

  • Convenience.
  • Better prices
  • More variety
  • Easy price comparisons.
  • No crowds
  • No pressure
We can buy used or damaged items at lower prices as well. And the most important things is time, obviously this is the one of the best features by online shopping.

Aditi Ekbote

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Yes, I definitely like online shopping and I regularly shop for me and my dream daughter. Online shopping provides more varieties, colors, payment options, and a wonderful return policy.
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I ordered 1 Mini Dress and 2 tops and they arrived on time and in perfect condition.
Very positive experience. I can not comment on the returns but the product is the same as in the photos and delivery on time, 3 Days.


Audrey hill
Not really.. i always get upset with the size or material.
So its actually a bummer to shop online.
Physical store shopping is the best but people are too lazy to do it nowadays


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I am so addicted to shopping online. When I first order online, I just want to find something cheaper. But now it's not my aim for getting cheaper goods, but an addition to surf on the Internet. Sometimes I can get something by only paying less money, but it takes much more time on the internet, which is a kind of waste of time.
So now I try to shop on certain online-store that I used to purchase great, and don't search for anything by keywords. Through my list is quite long for me to surf on the Internet, but I think it's still helpful for me to cut off my time on shopping online.
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Yes, I like online shopping, but I can't always imagine what thing is really needed in my wardrobe and what things won't suit me.


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I've never tried online shopping before. I do rather go out to try them out first before purchasing it. I mean what if it doesn't fit you? Would you rather waste your time to contact the seller to ask for a refund or would you rather go out and get a perfect fit only once? Online shopping does have it's benefits. For starters it helps to save time from going to the mall and even tire yourself out just to get to that clothing store you always wanted to go. And most shops online has a great deal compared to the local malls.
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I do online shopping for clothes and shoes among other things but I try to stick to a list of certain brands as I would have already tried the right size in that brand in a store. That way I always get the size correct.
However, the fun of a day's outing is lost with online shopping. So if I have multiple things to be bought, i prefer going to the mall.. have an ice cream too may be ;)


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Yes, I just love doing online shopping. They have a bundle of clothes , makeup , shoes , sandals variety that can give us a smart look. From branded to normal all clothes are available there.
Read blog on- Dress styling https : //www . outfittrends.com/house-party-outfits-ideas-what-to-wear-for-house-party/?unapproved=124342&moderation-hash=a19b899d07cbd31cfe4d824f797abbc7
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Here in Uganda, Online shopping is growing more and more especially due to the pandemic but my first time shopping online discouraged for months after that from trying it again.

Now with the access to more online shopping platforms, I'm more willing to shop for my accessories like bags, hats and sunglasses

So yes I like online shopping


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Yes I love in online shopping. There are many benefits in online shopping like Time saving, no Queue. Simply we can shop in a home.


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Yes, After the pandemic I personally prefer online shopping and nowadays I think it's easy to choose clothes online if the website is trustable. So I prefer to do shopping from amazon, Zara, and Darveys.com my all-time favorites.


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