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Heyheyy, I got a problem which I have been struggling for a while now. I'm dating this amazing guy and he makes me reaaally happy. He's the best, but the problem is, we are very different in bed. He's like the biggest overthinker which causes him to talk ALOT during sex, and I don't mean dirty talk... I should mention, he's not an insecure person tho. I alreadt tried talking about it to him, and he knows he kinda "ruins" the moment with all his talking. He is also kinda quite "vanilla" compared to me. I tried showing him what I like, but it's just not him.
I just don't know how to make it better... any suggestions? Thanks alot :)


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why don't you try making noise yourself dear? Maybe a scream or two. That will at least distract him. and at best might cause him to realize that talking during sex is not necessary or helpful. I'm sorry you're dealing with this . Certainly I've never heard another complaint like this. Another thing, if you have tried telling him what you like, and he consistently ignores you, he is abusing you. Adult relationships are a two way street- each trys to please the other and it should end up as a 50:50 partnership. If thats not happening, I'd seriously rethink this relationship.


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Heyheyy, I got a problem which I have been struggling for a while now...
You have my sympathy, hon. It's bad when a couple isn't compatible in the bedroom, isn't it!
Maybe start kissing him when he starts talking. That's what too many guys do when they don't want to hear what a woman has to say. He interrupts her by kissing her!
Or guide his head onto your breast so he can make his tongue useful. ;)


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It took me a lot of time to get used to how my boyfriend likes having sex. We made some compromises, and we're enjoying it now. You both have to get used to each other. It takes time, but it's really good once you get used to someone. Now it's the best sex I've ever had!
Most people will say that it's bad to watch porn, but you can learn some useful stuff there. No one is born knowing how to be good in bed, and it's normal to look for ways to improve that.
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I like to use different sex toys. Women need to have the right kind of clitoral or mental stimulation to achieve orgasm. It could be a complex business for men and thus most of the women fake orgasm. Sex toys can aid the right assistance and hence we recommend you to go experimental.
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I dated a guy for three years. The guy was attentive, generous, and erudite. We were a good couple. He was my first and only man; I didn't want to think about other guys. The sex was what I thought was good at the time. Then there was a very hard breakup at his initiative. I tried to get him back, but he was adamant. It took a month to sort things out. During that time, I was worried and tormented that there were problems with women's health. In the end, he admitted that he liked someone else. Now I don't want a new relationship; I watch gay porn on this website if I want new sensations.
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