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A Huge Buying Faux Pas!


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Today I did a really silly thing and allowed my heart to rule my head, it must be something to do with the hot weather we are experiencing here at the moment!
Whilst on a shopping trip with my elder sister we came across an end of season sale in one of our favourite clothing stores.
Among a whole lot of basically rubbish items, we found some really gorgeous spaghetti string crop tops, and me like a complete fool purchased them, without thinking about the bra issue which would be happening beneath them!
Needless to say although they fit beautifully, not only do my bra straps show, which I knew and realised they would, but I also have a lot of my bra showing (mainly my cups and part of the band) at the sides.
Naturally this won't do as it looks extremely trashy and am sure I would just look like a first class tart.
Sadly am not one who can go braless, as I have along with my sister, been cursed in having an extremely large bust.
I thought before I reluctantly return them (hardy worth it as they were so cheap) I would throw this dilemma of mine open to all your "wonderful" suggestions, ideas and comments (only nice ones please!).
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Brittania Brown

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This happens to most of us, the other day I went to Nike to buy a sports bra , and believe me when I said I had some explicit parts showing


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Much the same as me today then, because it was an end of season sale you can well imagine there was a fair bit of pushing and shoving.
A simple case of grab what you actually like, pay for it and get out quick!

And continuing with my embarrassment, I have just tried on a really lovely summer dress which was purchased at the same time, and although the label quite clearly states that it's a size 16 (UK size) which I have to wear because of my bust, I can hardly breathe as it is absolutely squashing my boobs to the point that it is extremely uncomfortable and painful.
Needless to say I shall be returning this first thing Monday.
I guess it's been a case of a lesson learnt today, next time I shall definitely not be so hasty!
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Well I do not know how busty you are... but... I have noticed some people actually do wear funky color straps on purpose. And trust me I hate trashy but if done in an appropriate manner wear something that goes with it at the bottom... why not.
Actually, I had the opportunity to meet my fashion guru recently. (Sarah Jessica Parker). And she was wearing a white top that day, with a black bra underneath.


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I have these clear straps....maybe I have bought an inferior quality ones but I found them to be too sticky to my skin or shoulder to be comfy enough.
I now simply wear strapless if required.
Only problem is i'm quite booby so with strapless I cant really run too much.....booby slip happened to me before and scarred me for life.


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Thank you so much girls for all your very kind thoughts and suggestions, it's very much appreciated.
However since I put this question on here (some 5/6 mths ago) I have given them all away to my favourite charity shop, as they just weren't for me.
Strangely enough I do have several pairs of transparent bra straps, and did indeed experiment using them, but the main issue was just how much of my bra was on show at the sides, and sadly being "cursed" in having an extremely large bust (am a 36GG UK size) there was definitely too much of my bra cups on show.
So it will be back to the shops in the spring, and this time I shall definitely be trying everything on before making a decision.


Get a demi bra with a designed/stringy back. It should be low enough to not show the cups but yet the design would be a little more classy. Or wear it with shorts over your bathing suit for at a pool/beach setting.