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  1. Sophiieee

    Casts and skin??

    I've asked this in another place but i've seen here it may make more sense to. I've currently got a cast on called a hip spica cast (yeah... ewww) and where the edges are it's rubbing my skin red raw whenever I try and sit up or wiggle and stuff. My mom has lined the edges with moleskin, but the...
  2. preetimehta

    Winter Skin Care Easy tips - Tamato Special

    You may try 1 tomato 2 spoon aloe vera 1 spoon milk half spoon glycerin. add all of them to a bowl mix them and apply to your face. You will see a change after wash.
  3. N

    Is a skincare routine actually essential and how many of you really have one?

    Hey everyone, So I'm already 20 years old, and I've never been really conscious of my skin condition despite being out in the sun alot. I've been blessed with relatively clear skin, but I do think about having a routine now. But seeing as a lot of products are so expensive and packaging bad...
  4. Queenka

    Are you looking for the Face Mask to Get Glowing Skin with the instant result?

    Many skin care products are available in the market such as creams,moisturizers, face wash, face masks,face packs etc. With high quality face masks you can also get glowing skin and dead skin cells will be removed with it. So, it will be your on choice to use the right product according your own...
  5. L

    Calamine Lotion

    Does calamine lotion works for the skin?
  6. L

    Laser treatment for wrinkles

    Do CO2 laser work for wrinkles? Are there any side effects of using this cream?
  7. L

    Coconut Oil For Scars

    How does coconut oil work for scars?
  8. ABBY1996

    Daily diet, keep a good complexion?

    A fruit Every day to eat fresh fruit that contains vitamin rich, at least one long persistence will receive clear beautiful skin effect. The second dish of vegetables Should be eating two plates there is a wide selection of vegetables every day, don't eat a vegetable. There must be a plate of...
  9. beautyadvicer

    3 Simple Ways to Care Face Skin

    Now women are interested in beauty especially their face skin. Here are three simple ways which every woman should do if they want to have smoother face skin. 1. Cleaning face skin every day Every day you should clean your face skin with warm salt water 2 or 3 times (combine massage your...