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  2. S

    Worst remarks about relationships

    Now that I've been out as a lesbian for years, I've been experiencing various remarks about my coming out. A friend of mine just stated that lesbianism is "just a phase". Another one announced that I'm just "following the latest 'trend' and enforcing lesbianism in myself". I just wondered why...
  3. E

    How did ı solve our sleep problem with my boyfriend?

    Girls you should hear this, my boyfriend and I are having trouble sleeping. It may sound funny, but we sleep every night not knowing which side of the bed we're going to share, or which of us will fall out of bed while we're sleeping, in which part of my body I'll find my lover's arm and leg. It...
  4. 4

    Am I Alone in this?

    I've been dating my boyfriend for six months. I'm religious and therefore typically say no to premarital sex. Except, when I met my boyfriend I fell in love with him and I wanted to share my whole self with him. However, time passed and I told him that I wanted to put the sex on hold for a...
  5. T

    Stuck in toxic relationship

    Hello! The title said everything, I am stuck in a toxic relationship and already left him 2 times... but I went back to him. It is a really long story, he hurt me, he broke me, he betrayed me, he lied to me, he manipulated me and I still keep forgiving him and love him. It is like I have...
  6. F

    Clingy and controlling parents??

    I'm 21, and live by myself right now, I've move out from my parents home But mom, doesn't seems ready to accept that I've grown up. She would call me every day, and always ask every single question. Such as "Are you going for shopping today?? When are you going home" "What did you buy" (and I...
  7. stitch532

    Reforming him

    Hi everyone, I have turned to the forums for this advice because I need thoughts and opinions that are not influenced. There is this guy, we'll call him Henry. He has had a significant part in my life for about four years now. I always turned to him when I had guy problems or needed advice, he...
  8. peeweevt

    Is He Just Overly Friendly or I Should I Stay Away From Him?

    Hello! Me American F(20) living in Germany, have been hanging around with a friend M(25) and his friend M(23). We have hung out every weekend for about 4 weeks now and his friend creeps me out for no reason. He seems to take a liking to me but for some reason I don't feel safe around him. He had...
  9. L

    Does he actually care about me or was he just interested in the sex?

    So I talked to this army guy from my state for like 3-4 months while he was in AIT and we planned on seeing each other when he got done with it. Well, that didn’t happen to his leave didn’t get approved so he didn’t come home. Anyways, he just came home recently and we hung out for four days out...
  10. H

    My boyfriend uses Badoo! I don't know what to do.

    So, hello, As the title says, my boyfriend uses Badoo. He's used Tinder before, and Badoo many times. I caught him because I knew something was off, so I checked his PC only to find this Badoo website he's been visiting (as for Tinder, a friend told me she saw him there). Got over the Tinder...
  11. S

    Why did my guy friend shake my hand?

    My friend and I had hung out together. We both sat down across from each other and he started tugging on the collar of his shirt for a few seconds. Then, he started touching his face with his hand by rubbing his mouth area and the sides of his face throughout the start of our conversation...
  12. J

    How do I get my oblivious boyfriend to listen to me?

    Please I need answers desperately.
  13. L

    What's going on with this guy?

    This man, who is my therapist, had said something to me that made me feel uncertain about how he views me. I had told him once that I liked him as a therapist. Right after I had made that comment, he told me that he was glad that I had said that and that I've always been his favorite client...
  14. W

    How To Deal With Rejection?

    Hello ladies! I would like to hear your opinion on how do you deal with rejection? How do you feel when a guy that you like, doesn't like you? I met one guy two years ago, and back then he told me that he doesn't want relationship. We met once and it was lovely, he treated me great but I had to...
  15. L

    Need Advice!!

    So there is a really long back story to this but I do need some advice. I'll give the gist of the story without typing a novel. Basically I have known this guy for about 3 years now. (we'll call him T). We met while in our second year of university. I started seeing my current boyfriend...
  16. A

    Boyfriends & Awkward Encounters

    My boyfriend and I are in college and we're in a pretty new relationship (almost 3 weeks in, although we were seeing each other for about 2 months). He's a great guy. He's had a tough life growing up and I understand where a lot of his reasoning comes from. Today we were grabbing lunch on...
  17. E

    A guy keep teasing and asking me to see a movie with him

    Hey everyone, There's a guy who keep asking me to see a movie together. It started when he suddenly asked if I have boyfriend and I say no because I am afraid to like or to love someone (I didnt say the reason. I just said "no"). So I keep rejecting him because I'm afraid that he's just taking...
  18. rabbithabit

    Have you ever micro-cheated?

    Micro-cheating happens when you do small non-physical things with someone other than your current SO and keep your significant other in the dark about your actions with the other he/she. like exercising together, coffee drink meetings, chatting sexy and say you are not in a relationship when...
  19. shyramarie

    Humiliating A Boyfriend

    girls, i have been dating a guy for about two months on and off. He is a handsome muscular white english senior at my high school with a great personality and is awesome sexually. we have a lot in common about sports, friends, clothing and especially over active hormones, we are always making...
  20. R

    Fancying a colleague..

    Hi guys, So basically I am in a ldr and not too sure about my relationship. He's a great guy and all but I can't take the distance so our relationship has gotten a bit rocky...I am also not sure if he's the one. This guy would do anything for me and he's the kindest person ever. I haven't met a...