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    My boyfriend wants to become a gamer streamer!!

    Good evening to all. I need some advice in particular from girls whose boyfriends are very into gaming or are streamers on platforms such as Twitch or Youtube. My boyfriend (who has not studied unlike me and that is also why we cannot fully understand each other as we grew up differently) really...
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    he is beautiful?

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    Why did my guy friend shake my hand?

    My friend and I had hung out together. We both sat down across from each other and he started tugging on the collar of his shirt for a few seconds. Then, he started touching his face with his hand by rubbing his mouth area and the sides of his face throughout the start of our conversation...
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    What's going on with this guy?

    This man, who is my therapist, had said something to me that made me feel uncertain about how he views me. I had told him once that I liked him as a therapist. Right after I had made that comment, he told me that he was glad that I had said that and that I've always been his favorite client...