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  1. A

    Best products to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines ?

    Hi, I'm Amy I'm 32 years old, and recently I started noticing on my face wrinkles and crows feet I used every natural remedy and mask for the past 3 months it didn't work. What to do ?
  2. W


    Those that trust in the beauty of their dreams have a bright future!!!
  3. preetimehta

    Winter Skin Care Easy tips - Tamato Special

    You may try 1 tomato 2 spoon aloe vera 1 spoon milk half spoon glycerin. add all of them to a bowl mix them and apply to your face. You will see a change after wash.
  4. G

    Amazing tips

    Try this ingredients for naturally glowing skin. Alovera, Honey, Raw milk
  5. W

    Brazilian wax at a beauty school

    Hi - first time posting, I've been looking all over the place for affordable Brazilian waxing, and I noticed that my local technical education school offers $15 Brazilians (presumably so students can practice their waxing). I've had a few intimate waxes before (by professionals), and I know it's...
  6. E

    I feel so ugly!

    So I think I am very ugly and unattractive, deep down I know pretty doesn’t really have a complete cookie cutter idea but I can’t help feeling disgusting. Are there any tips you could give on making myself more pretty but also just feeling more confident in my own skin! The photo is me
  7. L

    Calamine Lotion

    Does calamine lotion works for the skin?
  8. L

    Laser treatment for wrinkles

    Do CO2 laser work for wrinkles? Are there any side effects of using this cream?
  9. L

    Coconut Oil For Scars

    How does coconut oil work for scars?
  10. M

    Hi, Girls! Good Day!

    Hello, all, I'm so happy to meet you here. I'm Arisa, from US, and I love fashion and freedom. Always shopping online or in market, buy dresses, make ups and so on. I have much shopping experience online and if you want to know much, or anything need help, just feel free to tell me, I can give...
  11. L

    New Growth

    I have recently watched that there is a new growth of hairs at weird places. So, what can be done in order to get rid off this. Pleases suggest.
  12. Chocoholique

    Thought On Michelle Phan?

    Michelle Phan, most may say she has changed incredibly from being open with her viewers and suscribers to being dreamy and acting like a fairy. I have to disagree, I still admire her. She has fun being adventurous with her make-up and currently has a few businesses up and running, it is nice...