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  • Oh Scorpy, I just read your post in the How About A Music Section thread. You are a genuine sweetheart. Thank you so much!! What a way to start the day
    To be totally honest I wouldn't have a clue, but it has to be a good thing. If you go to a thread and find a user, there are icons to the right of their username.. One is a set of scales. If you click on it, it lets you add good or bad things to their reputation. You can find out what reputation you have in the moderators control panel. There is also a lil green box thingy that you can hold the cursor over that usually says "Scoriprulz is on a distinguished road"
    Oh you poor thing. Are you working today as well? I say spend the day here with us... We'll make the day go fast for you... well not me? Its almost bedtime here in my part of the world. It sucks coz sometimes when Im online during the day there isn't many people online to talk to. Until I log on later on after dinner and everybody comes out of the woodwork..
    Good to hear you're feeling better.

    I left you a note somewhere in tihs page. Other than this one and the ones posted in the visitor messages of course?? Can you see it?? Hmm?
    Hi scorp~ .. ^^
    well, this is my 1st drop in your profile .. and i have nothing to talk about :p
    have ahappy day .. :)
    Hey Scorpy, no wrries at all. Im always happy to help whenever I can... Remember Im flying blind as well? I didn't ask to be a moderator I was asked Lol... I think if we stick together we cant mess it up that badly huh??.... Surely!! Lol
    You did the right thing sweets, I wouldn't sweat it. Im sure she realized after the change was made that it was for the best... It is about birth control after all. I think she got a little confused because you first stated that the thread was being shifted to the Sex related section and she either didn't realize or didn't know that there was a Birth Control thread in there. Which is understandable... She is only new and hasn't been around for very long.

    Thanks for asking me to check it out too missy. We must have a catch up as well. We haven't had a good goss session in awhile!!
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