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  • hi,i like to call myself the smile officer and if you are having a bad day let me know and i will make you smile!!
    i will reveal my name after a smile for you and a victory for me!!!!
    Hi honey, thanks for the b-day wishes!! I celebrated last night, went out with a few friends and family and had a great night! My daughter has bought me a huge pink cake which I must take a pic of and post it here lol.

    Hope things are good with you? xxx
    WOW!!! I'm so happy 2 hear abt ur promotion gurlie! congratssss!!! Oh the payrise also will happen! the promotion matters a lot u see, it shows hw hard wrkn u r! :)
    Oh u can tell ur guy tht i'm ready to babysit u! Men r always more happy wt their games! i think v women give wach other gud company! I hav seen my guy also on his PC most of the time! :D
    Yeah My bro has come to stay! My mom is leavn for Dubai as she got a bettr job there! Even dad's thr only! So they hav left my bro wt me! He is 10 years younger to me! :) Takin care of him has already trained me a lot for the lil scorpys ;)

    Yeah we really need to catch up sweety!!! :*
    Love ya!
    hey darlin!!!! Hw u been??? I am kinda doin gud! ya wrk pressure has been a lot! My lil bro has come.. He wud b stayn wt me frm now on.. He is in school... So more responsibilities nw :)

    U temme!!! Hws ur bf doin? pass on my regards to him! The forum is really rockn nw rite! M lovn it! wats happening at ur end?
    ha ha .. yup, my child began to grow up!
    try it, I was so excited to know what kind of creation I'll get .. I know he looks wild but I love him .. thanx
    hey manic : ) I'm fine! .. I miss you dear, hope everything is good for you "BF, work, this weekend ..."
    I'm good...You?

    How's the weekend ahead? And how was your V-day?

    Ah,Mine was terrible.Yet again,another year celebrating Valentines day with my friends *SIGH*
    Well,on a positive note,I've got a hair job done. =D
    hey gurl!! Gud to know ur BF's dad is feeln bettr nw!!! Thank lord! Oh wow tats so nice u hav a dog nw!! yeah, waiting for the pics!! wat have u named her????

    About me, dont ask, I am likes in a saturated stage as of now.. there has been lotta wrk!! cant even get time for myself or my boyfriend!!! we had like 5 conferences in 6 days. So u kno a lotta stuff keepin me bak at work.. I was so upset that I cudnt even log onto GF!! I was really feelin so awful! n was missing u all!!

    work load is getting a little lesser now! I am having my convocation on monday, so preparing 4 all that!! Other than that life has been going a lil depressing n gettn bak 2 fine nw!!!! u take care sweety n keep in touch!! My love 2 ur dog!!!
    Hey Gurl!!!!! Hw u been???? Long time rite!! Have been damn busy with a lotta events at work... Cudnt even log in to GF for a long time!!! Lotta new members hav joined in rite! tats damn gud! Take care! n Keep in touch! BTW hw u been n wats goin on thr?
    Hi Megalo;

    Yes...I pop in and out of these boards - and sometimes I miss up for long-ish periods. I think one of those periods is coming up soon too. Have a big move to take care of.

    eww ur hobby is sex??!! u still young and only marriage ppl so sex gosh!!l lsn honey i know being a teenager cuz i am yrs old and i know how do u feel ofco u feel very excited about sex
    hey Gurlie!!!! Hw u doing??? Long time rite!!! was held up wt loads of wrk n all!! hw are things goin at ur end? Take care! n keep rockn!
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