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    hey.I'm serena.nice to konw you.

    Good news:Christian Louboutin shoes on sale.
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    Aww thats so sad :(
    I'm movin from Karachi to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. I'm really gonna miss my friends. My academic session will start from September or October over there. So meanwhile it's summer. U sound like ur not enjoyin the new session. I hope well for ur future dear. *hugs*
    Thanx! The sign. I had read in one of my literature books.....
    These days I'm really busy and tired coz we're packing everything up, we're moving.:S
    Oh u completely understand me Dev!
    Hey all the best 4 ur new semester.. Trust me u will make a lotta frnz! u r a damn nice gurl!

    Oh my life is goin on fine! The usual wrk life n all tht.. :) well next weekend is our company's Annual general meeting. it one of the most awitd event coz ppl frm all the branches meet up, discuss, share stuffs n party 2gethr for like 2 days. So waiting for friday!!! :D

    Wow u live in India... I nevr realised tht.. Well i'm in mumbai and yeah i am an indian by native too :) wat abt u? n whr r u in India?

    About Sidney Sheldon... ya i used 2 read his novels during my college days... ya I hav read tht book.. it was niceeeeee..But my Fav was Master of the game!!!

    U take care n keep in touch sweetz!!! :*
    so do i. haha. :)
    none eh. i'm sorry. :)
    Hi Dev, thanks! .. I'm pretty good but litle busy. the mid-term exams has started a week ago so, I have to spend more time studing ×_×. Hope every thing is fine with ya?
    thanks.. :) yours is nice too. :) love the colors. :) it's almost like mine. :)
    Hey Dev!!
    Hw u doin gurl! I'm so sorry 4 not keepn in touch much! Wrk has really pulled me down! :(

    Anyways, hws things goin on at ur end?? Hope to see u on chat sometime! Take care gurlie.
    Hiya hun, thanks for the message. I agree about the rules thing, I think maybe we should create a duplicate thread of the rules and guidelines in the general chat sections. I'm actually going to be writing a completely new set of rules and guidelines soon to cover everything I can think of, if you have any ideas of points to add can you post them in the moderator section please? Also check there and I've posted a request to moderators about the benefit comp we're running, if you could reply that'd be great!

    Thanks hun, hope you're well?

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