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    hi i just got on here and i was looking for my profile then i saw the quick links and i clicked on that and it said my profile at the bottom so i clicked that and it brought me to somebody elses page with red rose in there name. how can i get to MY profile? thanks :)
    And I'm glad the old layout is back!
    Because the new one used to take very long time to load.

    Hope to see your reply soon!
    Hello Becky, I'm sorry to bother you but I am new here and I have updated my profile but when I upload an avatar, it doesn't show and also, the signature page doesn't show why?
    Hi Becky hope I find you well after the Christmas festivities. lol

    I seem to have a spot of bother but this could well be me again doing things all wrong.

    You will I hope be able to see that I have made two posts today one in New Introductions and the other in Fashion etc.

    However neither of them show up as being the last posts on the respective threads, if that makes any sense.

    They do however show up on my laptop within the threads but not on the forum main site.

    Perhaps you could put my mind to rest please, only as and when you have the time.

    In the meantime may I wish you and your family a Very Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year.

    Take care and stay safe.

    Kaye xx
    Please Becky will you do your very best to get my account up and running again.
    I have been unable to do ANYTHING for many weeks now and I am wondering whether I should just move on to another forum.
    Fortunately I do belong to many other very interesting forums but it will be such a shame to leave so soon after joining.
    Please, please HELP ME.
    Thank you so much
    So ya, I've been posting around a bit to kinda give you an idea of what I do. If you wanna see more of my work you can visit womensforum.in or anxietyzone.com

    I really love to write as I'm sure you'll notice hahaha

    Talk to you later!!
    Hey Becky! I hope you're the right person to talk to. I'm not sure how to Private Message you, sorry.

    I was wondering if you needed some help around here? I really like this site and I am an experienced forum poster. (As well as moderator and recruiter) I recently lost my job because I have bad anxiety and it's been tough trying to find online jobs.

    Even if you don't need me here.. do you have any online writing job ideas? I can tell you're a really good writer

    Well, hope to hear from you soon. Have a great day
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